Coping with Injuries

I have had my fair share of injuries and niggles. At times they have taken me out of sport completely and other times they have been persistent niggles that need constant management. When I am working towards a sporting goal, I find there is nothing more frustrating than that moment when you pick up an injury.

It can feel like a huge setback.

What’s more, not being able to train and compete can leave you feeling like you’ve lost something you really enjoy doing day-to-day. It can be a debilitating experience.

Experiencing an injury can be a roller coaster of emotions from the initial occurrence to rehab and then re-entering sport or exercise.

It can be a long process. Rehab can require a strong level of motivation to be performed consistently. What’s more, patience is often needed to stop yourself from returning to sport too quickly – something I have certainly fallen victim to!

But unfortunately injuries are a part of sport.

The good news is that there is so much research out there into how and why some people cope more effectively with an injury. If you currently have an injury, take a look at this checklist to see which recommended steps you are currently taking. These are all evidence-based actions to help you cope more effectively and maintain a positive outlook through what can be a challenging time.

And remember… whilst some may seem simple, really question whether you are taking these steps. After all…

“Just because it’s common sense…doesn’t mean it’s common practice”

Gilbert Enoka - All Blacks mental skills coach