I’m Hannah. I am a Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant.


I am a sport and exercise psychology consultant, passionate about the performance and wellbeing my clients. I am based in London but through Skype I am able to work with individuals around the world. 

My clients range from recreational exercisers of all abilities to elite athletes and teams, parents, personal trainers, clubs and coaches. I also work with non-sports people who have similar demands including in business or in performing arts.

I have worked with a wide variety of sports with people across all ages. Sports I have worked in include tennis, football, netball, running, swimming, cycling, fencing, triathlon, rowing, skiing, squash and golf.

I discovered a love for sport psychology whilst participating in triathlon where I have competed in both half and full Ironman. Through my own sporting challenges, I have seen the power of developing the right mindset in the pursuit of achieving goals, personal development and improving wellbeing.

Alongside my work as a sport psychologist I work with the City Mental Health Alliance, an organisation that works with businesses to create mentally healthy workplaces. As a result, all the work I do, whilst often focused on achieving high performance, is done with an individual’s wellbeing in mind.

Why not get in touch today, to find out more about how I can support you in reaching your ambitions.