I’m Hannah. I am a Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant.


I train and compete in triathlon, take on sporting challenges and look to perform every day to my best level – whether that is in sport, exercise or business.

However, I don’t just train myself physically; I train my mindset too.

Working on my mindset has been the catalyst for all positive change and success in my life.  

I know the importance of training your mindset for reaching your goals, ambitions and finding fulfilment in life.

I know this because I have experienced the other side. Growing up I struggled with my mental health and I had several negative beliefs about myself that held me back. Lacking self-belief kept me firmly in my comfort zone and from a life I wanted. I found myself working in a job that I didn’t enjoy, saying no to opportunities, constantly comparing myself to others and seeing setbacks – whether that was in sport or my personal life – as crippling failure.

I had always only focused on training the physical side of my performance. Perhaps you can relate?

My lightbulb moment came when I did my first sprint triathlon.

I had grown up playing sport – in particular tennis and running – but a triathlon was way outside my comfort zone. Running was something I loved, but I didn't own a road bike and I had certainly never been swimming in open water.

In the lead up to race day I was full of self-doubt and anxiety about the swim which turned into regret for signing up to the event.

But as I crossed that finish line I thought “if I completed this when I believed so deeply that I couldn't, what else am I telling myself I will fail at that maybe I could actually do?”

I started to see my perception of my ability was all in the mind

I realised I had spent my whole life only worrying about my physical ability that I had neglected my mental ability.

I started to unlock the power of the mind. I wanted a challenge that would push me both physically and mentally.

So, I signed up for my first Ironman - a 3,800m swim, 180km bike ride ending with running a marathon.

As I spent hours on my own, swimming, cycling and running for long periods of time, I started to realise how often I defaulted to an unhelpful mindset. One that told me I can’t instead of I can. One that compromised by focus and attention and one that weighed me down instead of lifting me up.

I faced setbacks with injuries, low motivation, low confidence and frustration. But I learned how to develop a mindset that could endure the physical demands I was putting my body under.

I learned the tools to re-train my brain. For sport, for my personal life and my wellbeing.

From this experience I quit my corporate job to retrain as a sport and exercise psychologist.

My goal now is to help people reach their potential, flourish and truly thrive in life.

And to do this you have to work on the mind.

You need to create a winning mindset.

Why not get in touch today, to find out more about how I can support you in reaching your ambitions.