Sport Psychology Services

Know the goal, have the right training in place but still feel like something is holding you back? Struggling to cope with the pressure and setbacks you are facing? Or are you simply looking to fine tune your performance, so you know you have done all you can to prepare – physically and mentally.  

As an endurance triathlete myself (read my story) I know the importance of not just relying on physical training and how the wrong mindset can hold you back.

Being successful in sport is as much about the mental skillset as the physical ability. Working with a sport psychologist can help you achieve the right mindset.

I work with athletes of all ages and teams and coaches to enhance wellbeing and performance through developing mental skills. Together we can work to consistently improve your sporting performance to achieve your ambitions. We can use proven strategies to improve your:

  • Wellbeing

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Ability to cope with pressure

  • Ability to cope with anxiety

  • Resilience

  • Life skills (e.g. time management)

  • Ability to handle set-backs such as injury, poor performance and team selection

  • Focus and attentional control

  • Enjoyment of the sport

  • Team and coach relationships

  • Communication skills

I provide sports psychology consultancy through a variety of methods:

1-to-1 consultations

1-hour sport psychology sessions delivered face-to-face or over skype


Sport psychology workshop delivered to a group of athletes, team, club, students, businesses or coaches on an agreed upon topic. Variety of lengths ranging from 1 hour to full day workshops

Sport psychology clinics

Drop in clinics arranged for teams, typically once a week, for people to book 1-1 consultations

Online programme

Online sport psychology courses for individuals to sign up to and progress through in their own time. Can also be arranged bespoke for teams

Searching for a sport psychologist near you? Get in touch to set up an initial free consultation.