Sport Psychology and Performance Events

I host sport psychology and wellbeing events, interviewing experts on topics such as how to improve performance, manage stress, build confidence, handle setbacks, build resilience and flourish in life.

I often work with clients at the sharp end of performance. However I also work with many people who have similar demands in everyday life who are looking to perform at their best. I love to transfer the science from the elite into other areas of performance.

At my events, I want you to leave feeling inspired and ready to tackle the challenges in your life. It’s an opportunity for you to take some time out, hear from experts, ask questions and connect with like-minded people. Making changes in your life and finding ways to overcome challenges starts with opening yourself up to finding new ideas, ways of thinking and taking action. You don’t need to go it alone.

In past events I have interviewed a whole range of experts including Olympic athletes, psychologists, leading confidence and life coaches and nutritionists. I want you to have the opportunity to grow not just in one life domain but holistically.

Upcoming events

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Past events

How to thrive: yoga and panel discussion

Tuesday 18th December 2018, 7.15pm

Kalm Event:

  • 1 hour vinyasa flow yoga with Hannah Renew

  • 1 hour panel discussion 'Thriving in Life' followed by Q&A

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  • Megan Byrt -  A positive psychologist. Megan works with clients to bring the best out of them and help them flourish in life

  • Alex Gear - Registered nutritional therapist and naturopath. Alex is passionate about helping people feel their best through food and lifestyle choices centred around sleep, exercise and mindfulness

  • Amy Rushworth - Certified health and life coach and a leading confidence expert. It's her mission to help women ditch their self-doubt so they can be confident, free from comparison and wildly happy

  • Hannah Renew - a yoga teacher, Hannah uses her practice to help her clients transform and create balance in the the midst of the exciting but sometimes overwhelming and hectic London life. She enjoys working with unique bodies and seeing the tangible difference Yoga makes to many aspects of her clients’ lives.

Panel discussion topics:

  • Getting outside your comfort zone - achieving more than you think you can

  • Fear of failure - how to tackle it

  • Building confidence and self-worth

  • How to cope with stress and anxiety

  • Overcoming self-doubt

  • Living with more energy and motivation

  • How to thrive and flourish in life